Casey Mulligan | Regulation, Innovation, and the Economics of PandemicsListen now (52 min) | Episode 5 of the Economic Forces Podcast
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It's demand, all the way down
Preferences over cars are dramatically different across individuals. Some people are perfectly content to drive low-cost brands of cars. Others prefer…
Only through a process do markets become competitive
Charles Hickson | Earl Thompson, National Defense, and Efficient InstitutionsListen now (63 min) | Episode 4 of the Economic Forces Podcast
When I see economists that I’ve never met before in public, they usually greet me with “hey, you’re the Jones Act guy” or “hey, you are the price theory…
Does market power mean no competition?
Or, why you should study economics generally and price theory specifically
David Glasner | Ralph Hawtrey and Price Theory vs. Microfoundations in MacroListen now (69 min) | Episode 3 of the Economic Forces Podcast
Where's the externality?